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Trash to treasure episode #1

made from wood collected on the grounds of the Shelburne Museum

I was set up at a gift show in Vermont when the the buyer from the Shelburne Museum came by. I knew her before through selling my fine art notecards but hadn't seen her in awhile and knew she looked familiar. She purchased a light switch cover and as I was finalizing the sale I said "I know we have met before but I am not sure how?" She felt the same way and when I told her my name we both laughed. Then she asked "If you made items for the museum gift shop could you make them from wood at the museum?" That's a passion question because that is exactly what I do so we arranged for me to contact her in the Spring.

When I connected with her dhe put me in touch with the grounds keeper and we met. As we were driving around the property looking at apple and lilac they were about to trim or remove I said "You know? It doesn't have to come from a tree. If you are restoring a cart, hand tool, or building I can make things from those materials ad well. Besides the story is much cooler." Planting a seed. I gave her a shopping list to put aside for me and she emailed me when it was ready.

I drove to the museum to gather the stock and she said :Our restoration guy has a few things for you." so we got in my car and drove to his shop. My chin must have hit the ground when he gave me two douglas fir posts removed from the Museum's iconic steamboat Ticonderoga,

I made the product each with tags telling the woods story and the rest as they say is history. I love making private label product for orchards, museums, summer camps etc. If it's all about the story then why not tell their's?


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