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Frame made with pieces of the water ski in this picture

I realize now that I have been a story teller for most of my life. A hand me down from a Grandfather who I loved and worked with in my teens. While milking the cows every day he would fill the air with story after story from his life. Individuals became characters as their name was mentioned again and again. Places came to life. A sense of time filled a imaginary timeline. So I am not sure why it surprised me to realize I too was a story teller.

One day, while watching a TV show I use to watch as a kid I realized how dated the show had become. Hair styles, clothes, cars, even the quality of the image took on a different feeling than when I originally watched the same show. That's when I realized I did not need to capture something special in my paintings. When I captured a moment in my lifes path time would mold it to a special place.

I now run a business around this thought process. Verde Mountain "where we create so that your story lives on" You see I realized I could never compete with Amazon. The race to the bottom on pricing is not a race hand made items could ever win. Yet as a story telling I have elevated those items I create and on this Amazon can't compete with me.

This is the process. I fine wood or am given pieces of wood from customers. They look at what I can make and I use therir wood to create a item with huge emotional connections. As this blog evolves I will be telling many of these stories but for now I will talk about this water ski frame. A friend stopped at my shop one day and said

"My Father is turning 80 and I am thinking of bringing you one of my his old wooden water ski but I am not sure I want you to cut it up. What do you think you could make from it?"

A moments though and I responed with "If it was me I would use pieces to face a picture frame. Then you find a photo of your Father on the ski and put it into the frame"

"I'll bring you the ski tomorrow"

This senario has repeated itself over and over again in my shop and each piece is special to me. Each piece weaves chapters to my stories of creating that I love to tell. I have collected wood from the first house built at Shelburne Farms, a post removed from a steamship on display at the Shelburne Museum, wood from Robert Frost's backyad near Bennington VT, and more because I now see the value in not only creating from wood but fixing memories by creating from storied wood.

Earrings made from vintage Tennis rackets or Field Hockey sticks

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Reed A Prescott III

Story Teller

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