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More of the story 12/04/2018

Frame with pieces from a floor board of the house in the picture

I love what I do! For as long as I have been creating I have been capturing memories. That's why it was only natural for me to create the business model for Verde Mountain "where for over 30 years we have created so that your memories live on". As a newbie to the Blog World I realize I now have a avenue for sharing some of my favorite stories so enjoy this. This first in what will be a ongoing series of project story telling posts.

The House that was no more- In my home town of Bristol, Vermont a group got together to develop a co-housing project in the center of the village. As it so happened there were three adjoining properties just a stones throw from the small New England Main Street so they purchased them and started planning. The concept for buildings was to go through each property and make it very energy efficient while adding a few other buildings under the co-houging model. All model, energy efficient homes on the combinded lots with easy access to the village. The largest house would have a common room and the mission was not unlike other co-housing models but with a innovative New England twist. It soon became obvious that the house in the center of these three units was in such a need for repair that it made more sense to tear it down and build from scratch so as part of the negotiation with the town planning commission the Co-houseing project agreed to rebuild while not changing the look of the street. So a path was set to raze the building while saving the front facade which would be reinstalled as the face of the new building.

As demolishion day approached a neighbor posted images on Social Media which as you might have guessed opened the doors for discussion on this project. Pros, cons, and more cons filled the post which I saw and read. Now a few hours after the original post I found a message on my facebook home page that read "Reed Prescott was mentioned in a comment" and a lick to that comment. A friend who I grew up with in High School and who now lives in Colorado posted " it's too bad this has to happen. My Grandfather and Great Grandfather lived in that house. Soo many memories there. I wish I can get a board from the house to make something from."

The barrage of responses to his comment had a commoin thread " I bet Reed Prescott could do that" People were aware of Verde Mountain where I will take wood with special meaning to the customer and use it to make items special to that customer capturing their memories. Coasters from the cherry tree your kids use to swing from that came down in a winter storm, earrings from your old wooden field hockey stick and light switch covers made from the maple tree you just cut down in your backyard (all possible future blog posts) and just a snapshot of items. I sent word to my friend that I would get some boards then be in touch as to what he wanted me to make. He started following me on Facebook and as I finished new pieces I woulf get a message. "Can you make me 6 pair of earrings from the boards of my house?" "can you make me a dozen light switch covers from the boards of my house?" "I need 3 frames from the boards of my house"

So I set to work. Then frame order took on a life of its own. "Reed I nned 3 frames from the boards of my house" a day later "Can you add 3 more frames to my order" I no sooner had them made and shipped when another message came "I need six more frames from my house wood" OK Now my couriosity was peaking so I asked

"Hey man, I love the orders but what are you doimg with all these frames"

"I'll send you a photo"

It almost brought me to tears. The photo (above) came with this message.

"I found this photo of my mother at around five years old, standing in front of that house. I am putting a copy of that photo in the frames and sending them to other family members"

OMG- how special is that? This is when I realized that I could never compete with Amazon on price. But watch out Amazon, you can never compete with Reed Prescott on capturing the memories.

If you have a storied piece of wood and would love to have memory pieces made just contact me at verde@gmavt.net and see some of the items I can make at www.verdemtn.com

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