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Journaling- shaping up and toning your skills

How exercise to hone my skills

I have been journaling for over 20 years now. My vision was shallow when I started I now realizze a broader value. While getting your physical body in shap requires diet and execise you getting in shape as an artist requires consistantly applying application and creativity. Now I find that the more you work the creative side the easier it becomes. Like a muscle it strengthens with use and weakes with inactivity. The same hold true with the techincal side of the equation.

What I started out with as a motivation has broadened in meaning over the past 20 years. What I thought would be a great way to learn to identify flora and fauna (which it is) I now realize has strengthened my applying muscle. People who sketch are surprised to learn thast I draw strictly with a #pilotgelpen and do not lay down a pencil under drawing when I journal. A practicde that I must admit scared me at first. WShat I now realize is that this decision hs helped me to consentrate and focus on relationship and proportion. Removed the crutch of a do over and practice getting it righton the first pass. Scary yes, but that might just be where the value comes from.

Here are a few important tips I have found helpful with my #journaling

1) Do it for yourself- You have ttoal control of who can and who can't see your journal. Make that decision through confidience and not for seekeing approval.

2) It's a Study- while as I perfect my skills people want to publish my sketches each one is either asn exercise or reesearch for a bigger piece. Approach it this way and not like it's a finished piece.

3) Complete what you start... I find that lessons are learned through application. Even after a drawing satarts to disappoints you there might something to learn further down the road. don't cut your trip short becauwe you forgot a towel.

4) Keep it light and fun- different lessons are learned through play than from work/ round out your education through a playful mentality.

5) Don't be too hard on youself- This gets in the way of play. Don't be thatbperson who has to win every game.

6) Share it- At first with people you feel it is safe to share with. What I found is that voice of criticizm in my head wad rarely right. Now you will find those who have to criticize but you can easily tell those who are trying to help you to grow and those who feel like they need to take you down a notch to make them feel better. Seek time with the givers and reject the takers.

Now just take a pen and blank paper and have at it. Enjoy the love of line, shapes and forms without apoligy. Grit your teeth get started.

Reed A Prescott III


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