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Design.... then refine

Around 3 years ago I felt drawn to create some wooden light switch covers. It was quite a primitave process in the beginning. Very labor intensive but one thing I have learned over the years "If it moves you..... make it." So I made a few..... they sold quickly so I made a few more more and more and more. Then it became obvious that now that a market has started to present itself I needed to streamline the process to allow the market to grow. So a process was developed.... and refined again and again to where today I can take a 4 x 6 blank and run it through 5-6 steps in a minute and a half so that when at the end I have a piece just waiting for final sanding and finishing. Was this a smooth transition. Not at all. It was a try..... fail dance yet in the end I was able to make it work. This is a process that never ends but what I have come to understand as a creative individual is that there are no failures.... only lessons. So create first then refine and as you work the process set a goal of making simple efficiant steps others can do because when your skill is creativity focus on creating. Let others produce, sell, and ship freeing you up to create yet again. Now this is more a dance that a flip of a switch ( yes I see the irony here) but always have your sights set on doing what others struggle to do..... create.

A friend files people into 2 sategories. Pirates and Marines. While Marines are good at meeting deadlines, making tings and working processes it's the Pirates that niurture the idea so that there is something for the Marines to work with. Each has an important role so work from your skill set. The grass isn't really greener on the other side of the fence it just seems that way.

See more of the covers I create at https://www.verdemtn.com/etsy-shop/en/shop/section/21115284/p/1

Reed A Prescott III

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