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A woman came into my shop and asked if I had considered making earrings from wood golf clubs? I told her I had, but the materials were too expensive, thinking of the hickory handles on antique clubs. Then she reminded me that the old drivers and woods were actually made from wood. With this new perspective I found a few drivers, stripped them down and had fun creating the earrings like the ones on this card. Another horizon expanded!


The major wood source for these earrings came from the recently replaced gymnasium floor at Mt Abraham Union High School in Bristol, VT. The floor was installed when the school was built in. This floor saw over 5 decades of events until a water leak under the floor buckled the wood so it was replaced in the Fall of 2016. I can still remember standing on this hardwood floor in the dark, facing huge speakers as a local garage band played Radar Love at a dance over 40 years ago.


The wood I used to make this piece came from a vintage wooden tennis racket. It surprised me when I cut into my first tennis racket. What I thought was a thin decal ended up being one of many laminate layers with numerous combinations of woods used to create flexibility and strength. The layers offer a variety of patterns and contrast in shades.


It is like Christmas when I find a new wooden racket and cut into it. Never sure what I will find but am rarely disappointed.


Cut about 12 inches down on the handle of a wooden field hockey stick, made from mulberry. I am impressed how by design they direct the grain to take the impact of the ball.


Aromatic red cedar with its contrasting red and tan colors make for interesting patterns and design.


Another pair of earrings from the Mt. Abe gym floor maple. A red cedar strip was glued in, which adds some of the school color of maroon to the finished product.


The wood I used to make this piece came from a vintage wood field hockey stick. Traditionally hockey sticks were made of hickory, ash or mulberry wood. The head of the sticks are hand carved by skilled craftsmen. When I started cutting into a stick for earring stock, I realized that for strength, the wood was glued in segments with the end grain running in the direction the ball would impact the stick.


I started making earrings by repurposing wood items I found at local lawn sales. One of the first items was a canoe paddle I purchased for $3, then cut into 200 pairs of earrings. At some point the real Vermonter in me rose to the surface as I would cringe realizing the paddle was still functional when I cut it into pieces. I then found these great hand crafted artisan canoe paddles made by the Winnebago Paddle Company in Wisconsin. I now purchase scraps that were destined for the wood stove.


The wood I used to make this piece came from a wild white honeysuckle bush harvested in my backyard in Vermont. When I first started making small items from wood I was fascinated to learn that some of our ornamental and wild shrubs have wonderfully unusual colors that sparkle with the contrast between the heart and sap wood layers.


The wood used to make this piece came from a Vermont maple that has spalted. Spalting is any form of wood coloration caused by fungi. Although primarily found in dead trees, Spalting can also occur in living trees under stress. Book matching is a technique where a piece of figured wood is cut in half and the two halves opened like a book. This creates a mirrored pattern like


Frost's Stone House is located in So. Shaftsbury, VT on Historic Route 7A, a short distance from his gravesite in Bennington. The curving driveway leads to big grey barn C. 1850 and a lone birch tree stood beside a stone wall until a May 2017 wind brought it down. Also lost in the storm was the snow apple this item was made from. A short walk brings you to the back door in the time-honored Vermont tradition. It is a small house and all exhibits are featured on the first floor.



The head from the Wilson Driver the golf earrings are made from.

Golf Club Earrings

Golf Club Earrings

Tennis Racquet Earrings

Love the look of these wooden earrings cut from a Billie Jean King Wilson tennis racquet.

Field Hockey Stick Earrings

Earrings made from a field hockey stick and the stick they're made from.

Wooden spoon earrings

Wooden spoon earrings

Butterfly wing earrings

A butterfly checks out these butterfly wings earrings.

Skateboard earrings

No mystery here...break a skateboard, make some earrings.


white oak earrings

When the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum does maintenance on the Lois McClure I see opportunity...

brass cabinet handle earrings

Earrings made from repurposed brass cabinet handles.

ornamental shrub earrings

Ornamental shrub wood earrings: crabapple, honeysuckle & lilac.

piano key earrings

Lilac and ebony piano key earrings.

canoe paddle earrings

Canoe paddle earrings made from scraps I purchase from the Winnebago Paddle Company.


Earrings made from an old honeysuckle branch.

Lilac earrings

Earrings from lilac wood.

Pipe wood earrings

These wooden earrings were made from a pipe maker's scraps... one man's trash is another man's earrings.

heart necklace

Valentine's Day heart necklace from spalted wood.

wooden memory earrings

Memory gifts! Sad because that shed you played in as a kid finally came down? Bring me a board and have me make something so that those memories live on. Wood earrings from a floor board salvaged from the Roscoe house on North Street in Bristol, VT

handmade beaded necklaces

Handmade beaded necklaces made from a field hockey stick, canoe paddle, ice hockey stick, zebra wood and spalted maple.

Maple Burl Bracelet and Earrings

Maple burl bracelet and earrings.


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