Unique Custom Work


Spalted wood coasters. These were laser engraved to commemorate a wedding. The wood is from a tree on the property where the wedding was held.

wooden memory earrings

Memory gifts! Sad because that shed you played in as a kid finally came down? Bring me a board and have me make something so that those memories live on. Wood earrings from a floor board salvaged from the Roscoe house on North Street in Bristol, VT


Laser engraved keychain fobs for a local business.


Jewelry and ornaments made from a red elm tree nearby the Lord's Prayer Rock in Bristol, VT


Lord's Prayer Rock products on the stump of the red elm tree from which they were made.


A custom creation to remember a sister who has passed away. Four sisters felt they were like the legs of a stool, holding each other up. One leg of the stool is noticeably darker to represent the sister they lost.

painted wood switch cover

This hand painted Vermont landscape light switch plate was a customer request. I was delighted to be included in this project!

curly beech light switch cover

Custom configuration on this curly beech light switch cover just needs 2 more coats of tung oil.


12 Pleasant Street, Bristol, Vermont 05443

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Laser engraved keychain fobs for a local business.