Custom Gifts from Your Materials

Custom Gifts with a unique sense of place...

Exclusive designs for your customers, visitors, organizations, or any group!

Reed can design and create custom private-label gifts from materials that have meaning for you and your audience.


Verde Mountain has created unique and memorable gifts for museums, resorts, sports teams and families.

What can we design for you?

Shelburne Museum Gifts
Shelburne Museum Gifts
Shelburne Museum Gifts
Commemorative Coasters
Key fobs
Waterski Fram
Lord's Prayer Rock Red Elm
Lord's Prayer Rock Red Elm
Lord's Prayer Rock Red Elm
Custom Designed Family Keepsake

Earrings and other gifts can be accompanied by custom cards branded for your organization, with information about the source material and your location, giving each gift a special connection to your place or event.


  • Earrings from a black locust tree cut on the grounds of the Basin Harbor Club

  • Coasters made from a spalted birch harvested from a camp on Lake Dunmore, laser engraved to commemorate a family wedding held on the property

Virtually any wooden object can be repurposed to create a lasting keepsake memory. 

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Custom Designed Family Keepsake

You never know what you would be asked to create. This miniature stool has quite a story.