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One-of-a-kind jewelry and accessories from unique sources 

It all started with an old hockey stick...

Once upon a time, Reed Prescott had an old hockey stick, a band saw, and an idea.

So, he took that hockey stick and cut it into slices, sanded those slices and matched them into pairs, applied a coat of finish, and added some hardware to create earrings, which he took to the National Women's Youth Hockey Tournament in South Burlington, Vermont.

People loved the earrings - and the idea.

This led to the next step: offering to patrons of this event to take pieces of their son’s or daughter’s personal hockey stick and create gift items for them.


This got him thinking: what if he created a service where he made useful personal items and gifts from those artifacts we all have in our possession which have lost their usefulness but still hold too much meaning for us to throw them out?

So he started cutting into other items: canoe paddles, tennis rackets, field hockey sticks, chair parts, barn boards, water skis, and more…

The idea expanded beyond earrings, to necklaces, pendants, pins, photo frames, hearts, switch plate covers...

Then customers joined in with suggestions...

  • Buttons from chair spindles

  • Outlet covers made from a maple tree harvested on the customer's property

  • Earrings from a butternut shell that fell from a tree in the customer's back yard

  • Earrings and buttons made from a customer's son's drum sticks

  • Miniature stools: when a neighbor passed away unexpectedly, her three sisters spoke about how they felt like the four legs of a stool, and now one leg was missing. So a friend had Reed make several stools with one leg made from noticeably different wood to represent the sister who was gone, but never forgotten.

  • Wooden buttons for a wool apparel craftsman​​

  • A gift to celebrate a former High School Wrestling Coach – a picture frame made from pieces of the recently removed high school gym floor

The opportunity grew to yard sale finds:


  • A violin made into a stand

  • A garden tool made into a door handle

  • A garden hoe into earrings

And grew into more options:


  • Earrings from a badminton racket

  • Grandpa’s wrench door handle

  • Vintage car key zipper pulls

  • Earrings from drawer pulls

Now, in addition to his own finds and customer's items, Reed creates items for museum and resort gift shops: private label products made from pieces connected to the location, with custom tags for each product.

He's also added laser engraving to the process, which he used in the creation of coasters made from a spalted birch harvested from a camp on Lake Dunmore. Each coaster was engraved to commemorate a family wedding on the property in 2016.

The possibilities really are endless... 


12 Pleasant Street, Bristol, Vermont 05443

Cell/Text : 802-349-3164 • Email:  verde@gmavt.net

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